Ideas On Wire
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Devices and software solutions for on- & offline projects

Ideas on Wire provides consultancy services and develops innovative IT projects by means of custom solutions for electronic embedded systems and web automation. The use of state-of-the-art software programming techniques, latest electronics components and professional engineering tools allows demanding clients to overcome limitations of mainstream products.

Versatile access control modules with industrial-grade security features, based on robust Wiegand communication protocol and proprietary technology. Typical applications: zero-maintenance hotel rooms, automated multi-user facility gates and supervised office spaces.

This professional Expert Advisor for Metatrader5 is an invaluable aid to programmatically manage risk/profit by steering traded securities towards set goals. Primarily tailored for semi-automated Day Trading, it is best suited when coupled with our bespoke macro keyboards.

Custom keyboards for trading

Sleek design, robust and fully customizable macro keyboards for the professional Day Trader who does not compromise on speed of execution, look&feel and durability. The optimal hardware interface to complete an efficient trading station running our software tool Trend Follower.