Wieguard 3

The smallest form factor, all-in-one smart access module

Wieguard3 ® is the latest version of highly integrated and versatile access control modules with improved industrial-grade security features, based on robust Wiegand communication protocol and uniquely developed technology Made in Germany.
Coupled with any electric/magnetic door latch, striker or lock and a choice of keypad/card reader, Wieguard3 will fit seamlessly to any existing entry setup, eliminating the need of traditional physical keys while ensuring durable and professional operation.

The small footprint allows fitment in tight spaces.

The compact form factor of the main controller, its remote management and reduced power consumption makes it ideal for custom smart home installations as well as for low-impact integration in large scale connected entry systems (e.g.: zero-maintenance hotel rooms, automated multi-user facility gates or supervised office spaces).
The smallest variant measuring only 95mm x 65mm x 25mm (power supply included) and exhibiting a modern, neat design in high-quality black acrylic case, can be integrated without visual interference into most residential units or even hidden within walls or ceiling gaps.

Main features:

  • Keycode only, contactless card only or mixed access mode
  • Configurable cards with Facility Code and Tag ID
  • Board recovery Reset code (hardcoded)
  • Web interface for a user-friendly remote monitoring and configuration
  • Facility ID and Client ID, to allow multi-station and 2nd-level user management
  • RoHS compliant hardware
  • Password protected configuration webserver to prevent unauthorized access to settings
  • Independent offline operation, no need for continuous internet connection
  • User Settings saved immediately locally and retained in case of power interruption
  • Control and configuration via dedicated Android App
  • Optional customized reader to allow only cards or only keypad inputs

Benefits over mainstream products:

  • Easy installation and configuration, minimal rework required in case of mechanical doors
  • Miniature form factor with no ventilation needed
  • Low-power consumption, no batteries required, avoiding regular maintenance
  • Response to a variety of customizable keypad codes with different behaviours/purposes:
    • Fixed PIN codes (for master or administrator’s use)
    • Fixed PIN followed by card reading (for 2-factor authentication)
    • Fixed PIN followed by user interaction (numerical response to a variable visual challenge)
    • Timed PIN code (valid only for a set period of time)
    • OTP Rolling code (one-time-access, for concierge or service use)
    • “Fixed until next”, PIN code which activates a hidden code for rotation (e.g.: a new code becomes valid for the next tenant, disabling the current one)
  • Options are available to retrofit on any type of door:
    • Traditional locks, no need to replace the cylinder, mechanical key can still be used along (striker will be installed on the door frame)
    • 220V AC electric/magnetic door locks
    • Any existing low-voltage electrical lock
  • Factory reset card (stealth quick erase)
  • Support of both RFID cards and MiFARE cards (Wiegand W26 and W34 protocol standards), depending on fitted reader
  • It stores 8 keypad PIN codes and up to 186 cards
  • Control panel for diagnostics and controls
  • Configurable parameters on-the-fly, no need to reboot the board
  • Remote synchronization of all User settings
  • Users name association configurable on the server backend control panel
  • Activity logging over internet. This includes room occupancy status, abnormal door opening and security violation.
  • Secure rolling-token access to change system settings (also working offline)
  • Only wired connection, to guarantee lag-free operation and robustness against tampering
  • Possibility to set real-time alarms via email on wrong attempts and unexpected door openings
  • Watchdog feature to ensure fail-safe, uninterrupted operation of the board
  • Remote configuration update, either by direct access or pull synchronization, to accommodate any network setup
  • Narrowband technology, requiring only small amounts of data when the pull feature is enabled (ex.: 140kB per day on a typical update frequency)

For more details, see an excerpt of the User's Manual:

If you are a registered user of Wieguard3®, you can access the remote management panel with the link and credentials provided by the reseller. Should you require new subscriber credentials, send us a formal request specifying the board variant and distributor details.