Trend follower

The professional aid for Day Traders

Trend follower and P/L optimizer are highly customizable Expert Advisor tools developed for the Metatrader trading platform to assist traders in actively managing their traded funds, primarily to monitor and minimize risk exposure while aiming at the desired profit target.

    Main features:
  • The EA is an aid to programmatically modify open positions (changing SL, TP, TS and closing)
  • It is especially suited for a hedging trading style, thanks to target-oriented SL trailing functions
  • It is a risk management tool, as it allows to keep an eye on the current max loss/profit and automates the TS
  • It is primarily tailored to Day Trading, as all metrics and notifications are referred to the Daily P/L
  • It can be applied on different financial instruments at the same time
  • It offers the option to execute on all open positions or only selectively on the ones open contextually with the EA
  • It can be used on any traded security, as long as tick and trading events exist
  • It is customizable with on-the-fly changeable parameters
  • It exhibits informational panels directly on the Chart window for maximum control
  • It also features 3 buttons on chart, to manually close all selected positions
  • It has toggle buttons to switch between strategies: Normal, Minimum Profit and Low-Volatility mode
  • It has limited recovery capabilities in case of failed order placement
  • It prints out a verbose log on most executed operations
  • Ability to move the target levels directly on the chart, for a fast and intuitive visual interaction
  • Ability to set the overall minimum profit value or price gap to start following from
  • It is a client-side EA. Once Metatrader is closed, its operation is interrupted. It can be used on a VPS though
  • Dynamically adjusting Break-even lines show quickly the levels on the chart where to strategically place SL/TP levels
  • It can be left unattended once positions are open, as acoustic sounds will notify about important changes