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Company information

Ideas on Wire saw its grounds laid down first in early 2010 in Berlin, Germany, put up as a small international team of passionate IT professionals operating in the electronic development, automotive and logistic industries together. Since then, the skillset and scope of offered products and services has grown continuously, keeping the know-how up-to-date with the latest technology advancements, in order to meet and outperform savvy customers' needs in an ever developing and fast paced world.

While our core competences can be hardly contained in a website frontpage, the best way to describe us is a flexible engineering consultancy enterprise, who are ready to take up challenging tasks and deliver efficient results on commissioned projects and custom solutions for specific niche applications beyond the mainstream market.

Ideas on Wire
Founder and Technical Director:
CEng. Marco Mattarocchia
P.O. Box 22410
Dubai - U.A.E


Legal form: Sole proprietorship